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Talent Management Made Easy

Performance Reviews

Entretien Skillup

Performance Reviews

Easily digitalize and manage all your informal and formal evaluations to maximize the effectiveness of your organization's performance management process.

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Learning & Development

Formation Skillup

Learning and Development

Maximize learning and development with an intuitive training management system that enables your employees to play an active role in their career path. 

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Skills Management

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Skills Management

Make your skills management process more effective and efficient for your entire team. Effortlessly identify and measure employee skills, and create a complete library of job description templates.

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Workforce Planning

People Review - Skillup

Workforce Planning

Lead a successful strategic workforce planning process leveraging reliable, actionable data that drives decision-making, while effectively tracking employee development, potential and performance. 

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360° Talent Management Solution

Learning and Development

A customizable training management platform designed to help you collect and manage training needs and enhance employee skill development.

  • Innovative training platform: Share a tailored training catalogue with employees via a customizable portal.

  • Manage training needs: Collect and manage all training requests from your employees and managers all in one tool. 

  • Advanced enrollment: HR teams can easily register employees for training courses or allow employees or managers to do it themselves 

  • HR monitoring, analysis & reporting: Track your Learning and Development KPIs as well as training plans in real time.

Skillup Formation EN_01

Performance Reviews

Run performance review campaigns that deliver meaningful results in a fraction of the time.

  • Create templates with ease: Choose from a library of ready-to-use templates, or create new ones selecting specific questions using our drag & drop tool. 

  • Effortlessly launch campaigns:  Simply select the type of review, the campaign start and end dates, the population to target and notify employees —all in one streamlined process.

  • Enhance your team’s performance management: Review and analyze employee performance based on past objectives, set new goals and carry out quantitative and qualitative assessments.

  • Retain vital data: Maintain and save past performance reviews to easily recall previous objectives, metrics, decisions, etc. 
  • Build reports and analyze data: Monitor campaign status in real time, automate reminders and manage and analyze data in a single tool.

Skillup Entretien EN_06

Skills Management

Generate job descriptions and create skill maps to easily and effectively manage employees' skills and career planning.

  • Easily generate a catalog of skills and job descriptions: Use our AI tool to create and classify job descriptions by category. 

  • Evaluate employees’ skills: Assess level achieved vs. expected and centralize data in the HR portal.

  • Gather employee feedback: Accurately map and visualize employee skills and gaps and prepare your company for its future.  

  • Optimize skill development: Centralize data for detailed analysis and reliable forecasting. 

Skillup Compétences EN_03

Strategic Workforce Planning

A Talent Review solution designed to help you prepare your organization for its future needs while improving employee engagement and retention.

  • Mobilize managers: Share the right information in just a few clicks to facilitate your decision-making process.

  • Centralize key HR data: Consolidate performance review, learning and development and remuneration data and documentation all in one tool. 

  • Meeting moderation, arbitration and decision-making interface: Save time by taking notes in the tool and track campaign progress in real time 

  • Create custom N-box grids: Adapt your performance management to your talent management policy by analyzing the right data. 

Skillup PeopleReview EN_03

Helping HR Teams Engage, Develop & Retain their Talent

Discover how Skillup enables HR teams to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their talent management strategy.

The collaboration with Skillup has been a success, creating tremendous value for our organization. The tool is really powerful and allows us to get the year off to a flying start.

Skillup Credit Agricole Retour d'expérience

Bruno Delhomme

Head of Transformation & Skills Development

Our performance reviews have evolved, and the information we gather adds real value. A relationship of trust has also been established between managers, employees and the HR team. 

Martha S

Martha Sceats

HR Development Manager

Skillup is more than just an HR solution, it's a dynamic collaboration with a team that listens and works efficiently. Their solution is innovative and easy to use.


Dimitri Pruvot


By offering a fun, inspiring, high-quality and user-friendly learning and development program, we want to anticipate and meet our employees' expectations and needs.


Nathalie Manigne

CHRO France, Belgium, Morocco


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Discover the Joyful Side of Talent Management!

What sets Skillup apart from the rest?


A unique user experience

From ergonomic tools to proactive customer support, Skillup is designed to simplify the day-to-day work of HR and boost employee engagement.   

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The HR solution designed to save time

Save time by automating manual administrative tasks making HR processes more efficient in the process.  

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Easier decision-making

Your data is up to date, accessible on customizable dashboards and easy to use according to your needs.  

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All our Customers are VIPs

From implementation to customer support, the Skillup team offers local, made-to-measure assistance.  


Security and Privacy

Strong commitments to data security and regulatory compliance (GDPR)

  • 100% European hosting

  • Annual penetration testing by a PASSI-certified organization to meet OWASP criteria
  • Regularly updated security assurance plan

  • Internal security charter 

  • Management of rights and authorizations, secure authentication

  • Complete data transferability 

  • Data anonymization


What is a Human Resources Management System (HRMS)?

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a software solution designed to cover all or part of the spectrum of human resources tasks.  


It is a system that centralizes and processes data relating to human resources:  


  • Employees' personal data,  
  • Payroll management  
  • Working hours, holidays,  
  • Learning and development, performance reviews, skills management, etc.  

Originally, HRMS were designed to simplify the management of the HR Core and personnel administration. Today, HRMS software also simplifies talent management by offering dedicated portals for employees and managers.   


HRMS software is available as a license or a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The advantage of SaaS solutions is that they allows you to benefit from regular updates. Functional enhancements and improvements are managed directly by the publishers.   


New-generation HRMS automate and simplify human resources management processes. As a result, companies can improve their efficiency and productivity, while ensuring compliance with current regulations (GDPR, etc.).  

What is Talent Management?

Talent management is the HR strategy deployed to recruit, develop, engage and retain employees.


Talent management is also known as human capital management. This strategic HR process focuses on supporting employees.


Here are some key aspects of talent management:


  • Recruitment: This involves identifying and attracting the best candidates for vacancies using effective recruitment processes.
  • Performance management: Talent management also involves setting up performance review campaigns to measure employee performance.
  • Development: It is essential to develop employees' skills on an ongoing basis in order to maximize their potential and strengthen employee commitment. This HR issue is closely linked to skills management and training and development.
  • Retention: Employee retention is one of the key challenges of Talent Management. There are many ways of achieving this objective: working conditions, training and development opportunities, career management, etc. Talent management is crucial to a company's long-term growth and success.

Why use a Talent Management Software solution?

A Talent Management Software (TMS) solution offers several significant advantages for companies:  

  • Centralization of data: A TMS makes it possible to consolidate crucial employee data on a single platform. As a result, it becomes easier to manage and leverage this information.  
  • Process automation: TMS also provide value in optimizing numerous administrative processes. Time-consuming tasks connected to performance reviews, training management, skills management, and strategic workforce planning can be automated. These are just some of the functions that can save time and optimize operational efficiency. 
  • Exploiting social data: TMS provide valuable information about an organization’s workforce. Dashboards and analytical reports ensure accurate monitoring of the various talent management issues. Interpreting this data can also go a long way towards improving HR management.  


  • User experience: Having a TMS that is easy to access, and use is a major plus for all stakeholders. Employees, managers and HR benefit greatly from accessible self-service tools for managing their personal data, career objectives, training, etc.  

In short, talent management software enables companies to optimize all their human resources management processes.  

Does Skillup integrate with other HR solutions?

Skillup integrates with your existing HR tools. Skillup specializes in talent management: Performance Reviews, Skills Management, Learning and Development, and Strategic Workforce Planning.  


During the implementation of your HR software, a project manager ensures that all interfaces with your other existing tools run smoothly. Skillup completes your Human Resources Management System (HRMS) suite by communicating with your core HR, payroll management, applicant tracking system (ATS) and learning management system (LMS) tools.   


Depending on your organization and your HR management rules, Skillup can be up and running in just a few weeks. The interface with your other tools will be operational from the first use.  

How to choose the right Talent Management Software?

Choosing the right Talent Management Software (TMS) is crucial for several reasons, each impacting various aspects of an organization's effectiveness and growth.


Here are a few steps to follow when choosing the right TMS: 


Needs assessment: Before you start comparing TMS solutions, it's essential to identify your organization’s specific needs and/or objectives. This may include various functionalities such as recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits, skills management, learning and development, workforce planning, etc.  


Budget: Determine your budget for purchasing and implementing a TMS. The cost can vary depending on the functional scope of the solution, the number of employees in your organization and other factors. It is also a good idea to factor in long-term costs, including maintenance and customer support.  


Search for solutions: Carry out in-depth research into the various TMS solutions on the market. Consult user reviews, expert evaluations, feature comparisons and product demos to assess the options available. Dedicated sites such as Capterra, Trustpilot and G2 can help you make the right choices.  


Compatibility and integration: Make sure that the TMS solution you choose is compatible with your company's existing tools. Also check whether it offers integration possibilities with third-party applications.  


Ease of use: Selecting a TMS solution that offers a great user experience and an intuitive user interface contributes to faster and more effective adoption of the software by the organization’s workforce.  


Support and training: Make sure the software supplier offers high-quality customer support and resources to help your team use the system effectively. The availability of technical assistance in the event of problems is also important.  


Data security: Ensure that the TMS offers robust security features to protect sensitive data, such as personal information, payroll data, etc. GDPR compliance is essential.   


By following these steps and taking into account your company's specific needs and requirements, you will be able to choose the TMS that best suits your organization.   

Ready to digitalize your Talent Management?

Talk to one of our experts and discover how Skillup can help you maximize your Talent Management process. 

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